David SimonsWell, here it goes…

I was born in Emporia, Kansas and moved to the country at age 12.  I grew up in the Flint Hills of Kansas and attended a high school with only 44 seniors in my class. During my young years, I became a ham radio operator, electronics hobbyist, farmer, rancher, barefoot water skier, reptile collector, hunter and fisherman.  I loved the outdoors and when I wasn’t designing and building some electronics project, I was outside doing something.

I left home at age 17 and attended DeVry.  After graduation, I moved to Houston and started my career in electronics.  I ended up in Kansas City working for a large aerospace firm.  During that time I volunteered as a rescue/recovery diver for the Lee’s Summit Underwater Recovery.  I also instructed CPR classes and volunteered at first aid stations for the American Red Cross.  I also volunteered as an EMT for a rural ambulance service.  After exposure to hospitals and cute nurses, I decided to change careers.  In 1995, I graduated from nursing school and started working as an RN.  Most of my career since then, has been in Emergency.  Now I just work as a nurse in a trauma center 2 days a week on the weekends.

I 1995, I purchased my first domain name and started the SIMID Money Maker’s Mall.  It was a marketing site for business opportunities and services.  I created and posted the online ads.  At that time, this was the first internet exposure for most of the businesses that I was posting for.

Since then, I have used the internet for many businesses of my own.  They have ranged from web site design and hosting to online retailing.  Currently, I have an online retail business at www.MiniMasseusePro.com and another at www.CrazyMillions.com.  I am also involved in network marketing and affiliate marketing.

I am engaged to this awesome woman named Marlo and we are planning to get married this year.  I have actually found the perfect match.  Words can’t explain how thankful I am to have found her.

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